How do you create such innovative designs with a rich ethnic flavour ?

We have a team of specialized designers who work closely with seasoned craftsmen & designers who have mastered this art since ages. Besides, our expert designers also try and innovate with western styles to create an interesting melange of both.

What are Sherwanis ?

A Sherwani is a very elegant dress for the men and mostly worn during wedding ceremonies these days. It is one of the most traditional Indian coat like garment worn by men, fitted close to the body, of knee-length or longer and opening in front with button-fastenings. A lot of variations to the same are available with the changing trends.

What are Indo Westerns ?

An Indo western is very close to a sherwani. The major difference lies in the way both the outfits are worn. A sherwani is very traditional and is worn with a Kurta and a Pajama, whereas an Indo Western is more modern and is worn with pants. The Indo-Western is also shorter in length as compared to a sherwani.

What are Kurta Pyjamas ?

Kurta Pyjama originated from Northern India and has become a common traditional Indian groom wear. The kurta is often long, by about a few inches below the knee, accompanied by fitted narrow pants (pajama), adorned by embroideries and embesslishments. It is a perfect garment to wear for lighter occasions like the ring ceremony, and other small ceremonies and get together in the family.

What are Stoles ?

Stole is a rectangular long scarf, which is worn around the neck to compliment ethnic outfits. Stoles are embroidered, beaded or pointer-printed depending on the kind of outfit it is worn with. It is an accessory that completes the look of an Indian outfit and enhances the royal look.

What kind of Western outfits do you offer ?

We offer both casual & formal western outfits like – Corporate Suits, Designer Suits and Shirts & Trousers. These are available in a variety of designs. Besides, we keep updating our collection as per the changing market trends.

What are Juttis ?

Juttis are traditional Indian Footwear, which usually have a pointed toe, which sets it apart from other footwear. These jutties include beautiful embroideries, which add the real glow to the footwear, usually matched with the embroideries on that garment, giving it a unique look.