Sherwanis on rent in Chandigarh

Sherwanis on rent in Chandigarh

Sherwani – The Indian Groom’s Wedding Attire .Sherwani is the most traditional of the Indian outfits. Sherwani is a long coat similar to achkan in styling. Lengthwise it is usually below the knees and buttoned upto the collar and. Sherwanis on rent in Chandigarh. It adds to the charm,style and grace of men. The Indian male spent plentifully and lavishly on buying this suit for their wedding. This traditional attire is witnessing mushrooming growth for Indian men in its demand. Mostly Indians wore Sherwani over the Kurta and Churidar pajama and sometimes wore with Kurta and salwar. Sherwanis on rent in Chandigarh

Sherwanis on rent in Chandigarh

Sherwanis on rent in Chandigarh

A traditional attire of Indian men, was initially worn only by the males in Uttar Pradesh and Hyderabad. Best Sherwanis on rent in Chandigarh. With the passage of time, sherwani came to be the ultimate wedding attire, wooing grooms in almost all the parts of India. It gives the perfect traditional look to an Indian man. Combine it with a stole, mojris or jootis and Bandhni pagri and you are all set to make heads turn in your own wedding. Sherwanis on rent in Chandigarh

Sherwanis on rent

The Origin of Sherwanis

The origin of Sherwani was appeared in Central Asia during the period when in the Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Empire it was the dress code for the Persian and Turkish nobles. By the end of 18th century, it became very popular within the men’s community. Wedding Sherwanis on rent in Chandigarh.
Though, sherwani is the national dress in Pakistan, Indian men wear it only on some special occasions. No wonder, with time the designs and styles have upgraded to match the taste and culture of the country. Best Sherwani on rent in Chandigarh. Sherwani is the unique outfit of men’s clothing especially wore at weddings and also stated as the symbol of culture. Sherwani comes in fabric of silk with hand-made embroidery and to contrast the Lehenga of the bride. It is usually worn for formal occasions especially by the muslims of Rajasthan, Hyderabad and Uttar Pradesh.

The Fabrics of Sherwani

There are various number of fabrics that can be used for the purpose of a sherwani. The one chosen by the groom will depend entirely on his personal preference as well as his budget. Best Sherwani on rent in Chandigarh. Various kinds of poly-silk and silk are the fabrics mostly chosen for the wedding sherwani. You can find sherwanis in cotton also. Whatever be the fabric, Indian wedding sherwani is often heavily embroidered. In some cases, sequins, stone work, and crystals are also used to adorn it. Sherwanis on rent in Chandigarh

Sherwanis on rent in Chandigarh

The Colors of Sherwani. Red, golden and maroon comprise of the most popular color options, as far as sherwanis for the Indian groom are concerned. Many of the grooms also prefer going in for colors like off-white, brown, cream and gray for their sherwani. Sherwanis on rent in Chandigarh. Then, there is the universal black as well, which goes perfectly with any type of wedding. The exact Sherwani color will depend upon the), the complexion of the groom, the time of the wedding (day or night) and the personal preferences of the groom. Sherwani on rent in Chandigarh for Groom.

The Accessories of Sherwani. Amongst the accessories that go well with a sherwani, the very first item that comes into mind is the stole, which is usually draped around the neck. Wedding Sherwanis on rent in Chandigarh. In most of the cases, red, silver or golden colored stoles are worn with it. Coming to the footwear, jootis and mojris make up the best combination. Other accessories that can complement a wedding sherwani are gold/silver cufflinks, gold bracelet, watch, and gold chain. Grooms Sherwanis on rent in Chandigarh. Lehengas on rent.  Wedding Dresses on rent

Look a class apart with our wide range of magnificent sherwanis. An exquisite quality of fabric and a large variety of colour combinations will leave you spoilt for choice. Put on our well-crafted and detailed sherwanis and feel the essence of royalty.

Sherwani on rent in Chandigarh for Groom

Ghar Shagna Da brings to you the top-of-the-range wedding designer sherwanis for men that blend style and present-day fashion to make the Indian groom look elegant and stylish. Traditionally associated aristocracy, the Sherwani for men was considered as an outfit of the royals of the Mughal Empire. A Sherwani is typically a long coat that is buttoned up from the front and has a Nehru collar.  Sherwani on rent in Chandigarh for Groom.

The Sherwani is generally worn for celebratory occasions like weddings and festivals. Weddings in India have adorned Ghar Shagna Da and go a long way back. It is often forgotten that a wedding day for a man is just as important as it is to a woman. It is usually seen that the bride steals almost all the limelight, the minute she walks in. Being the groom, one wouldn’t want to appear silly in front of his gorgeous bride-to-be or commit any mistake; either in his styling or his wedding wear. We, at Ghar Shagna Da have made a wedding collection of Sherwanis for men (grooms) based on this very insight. It is usually worn with a pair of Churidaar. Right from the traditional designer sherwanis to the aesthetically appealing indo-western sherwani ones, we have combined it all for you.

Sherwani on rent in Chandigarh for Groom

A typical Indian wedding lasts for a long duration. With so many rituals to perform, comfort is of utmost importance. Ghar Shagna Da wisely combines the elements of class and comfort into rich-looking outfits, leaving the groom rarely confused and troubled about ‘What to wear?’ Inspired by cultures from all across the Indian subcontinent, Ghar Shagna Da offers a variety of sherwanis to choose from, some of which being: Best Sherwani on rent in Chandigarh

The Hyderabadi Sherwani

– A dress of choice of the Nizam of Hyderabad and the nobles

The Jodhpuri Sherwani

– A fit suitable for royalty, the Jodhpuri sherwani when worn gives a regal look

The Pakistani Sherwani

– A highly ornamented and ethnic outfit, this design adds a whole new dimension to the word ‘sherwani’

The Punjabi Sherwani

– Made for the Punjabi ‘munda’, the sherwani gives a touch of ethnicity coupled with modernity

Made of supreme quality and elegant material, the outfits are available in a host of colours, which range from warm shades of orange to rich looking reds, royal blues to the imperial shades of purple. To help you improve your wardrobe during/for weddings, the sherwani collection is also available online for sale. The customers have a wide variety of designs to choose from.  Best Sherwani on rent in Chandigarh